(sample) Limited Warranty



This warranty applies to the structure:

Located at:




Ramp Doctors, Inc. warranties the structure(s) listed above against damage caused by faulty workmanship and/or general use. Damage is defined in this warranty as an alteration of any part of the structure from its original assembly.


Upon notification of damage, Ramp Doctors, Inc. will repair the damage within a reasonable amount of time with no charge for the repair service. Damage to the surface of the structure subject to general maintenance is not included in this warranty.  Materials needed for repair are not included in this warranty.


This warranty does not cover damage to the structure caused by:


Adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, or floods


Fire, theft, vandalism or terrorism


Any other occurrence reasonably not qualifying as “general use”


This warranty also does not cover:


General maintenance of the structure.  (General Maintenance is defined in this warranty as the simple preservation of the structure.)


Existing structures reconditioned by Ramp Doctors, Inc.






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For questions or warrantable service, please call Ramp Doctors, Inc. (Ben Johnson) at (239) 216-2858   or email:  rampdoctors@yahoo.com